My name is Lauren Messina, Im a Licensed Esthetician for eight years now and thirty years young. I have a beautiful daughter named Aubrey who's twelve, a seven month baby boy Christian Stanley and an incredibly supportive husband named Chris. I was raised as on only child by my incredible single mom who taught me independence, discipline and hard work will pay off.  In my free time I love to paint, consignment shop, research anything related to the skin, make homemade skincare products, take naps, and be outside in the warm weather.

        Let me just start off by saying that I realize how much of a privilege it is to let someone touch your skin let alone your facial skin!  In my opinion, an elite Esthetician is a combination of an artist, is great with their hands, can get along with anyone, loves to help people, a life-time learner, and who understands the beauty and complexity of the largest, most important organ of the body, the skin. 

       What drove me to become an Esthetician was the realization that makeup and skin care compliment one another. Utilizing both fields would yield the best results!  After five and a half years of working in the esthetics industry I took another leap of faith to pursue my dream of becoming my own boss.

           Skin Virtuosity radiates a home-spa-like atmosphere where I can be me and you can be you.  It's also a place where magical transformations take place within your skin, mind, body and soul.  Creating positive changes in your skin while relaxing and taking a break from this fast-paced world is fulfilled every time you come in for your appointment.  Having been diagnosed with multiple auto-immune disorders, I of all people know the importance of taking time to care for ones' self.  I welcome you to schedule your "me time" and happily look forward to starting our journey together.

Best regards,